Portable Shot Blasting Pots

Portable Shot Blasting Pots


Available in a range of different sizes:


10" Blast pot diameter with a 25kg capacity, height 715mm, empty weight 35kg, ideal for small shotblasting jobs, easily movable due to the light weight.


14" Blast pot diameter with a 75kg capacity, height 1125mm, empty weight 65kg, similar to the 10" blast pot but with three times the abraisive capacity.


20" Blast pot diameter with a 150kg capacity, height 1000mm, empty weight 115kg, probably the most popular sized blast pot ideal for medium sized jobs and preffered by most shot blasters that do shot blasting on a regular basis.


24" Blast pot diameter with a 275kg capacity, height 1350mm, empty weight 180kg, a great choice for medium to large shot blasting jobs whith a large 275kg abraisve capacity which reduces the amount of times you need to stop and refill the blast pot during use.


The shot blast pots are available as bare complete built up units with a deadman valve and abraisive metering valve or they can be supplied as a full set up with blast hose, deadman hoses, breathing air hose, shot blasting helmet and breathing air filter if required.


A full range of shot blasting spares and consumables are available such as nozzles,couplings,gaskets,visors, blast helmets, blast hose, dead man hose, breathing air hose and much more.