Graco XP70 Plural Component Spray System

   Graco XP70 Plural Component Spray System


    The Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer is designed to pump, mix and atomize high-viscosity, materials
    with superior results.


    The spray system handles:


    • Environmentally-friendly high solids coatings, with little or no solvent

    • Hybrid polyurethanes

    • Epoxies

    • Very high solids coatings – up to 100% solids content

    • Materials requiring heat (requires optional heaters)

    • Fast-curing materials

    If you spray several different materials each week, the XP70 is the right choice. That’s because you can   

    change the ratio by simply changing one or two pump lowers. Six fixed mix ratios are available: 1:1, 1.5:1.

    2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1 and 4:1.


     Rated for 500 bar (50 MPa, 7250 psi) to handle viscous materials and long hose lengths

    • Designed for easy handling by one person

    • Can be floor mounted after removing wheels

    • Easy mounting of optional flush pump and heaters

    • Standard Severe Duty coating on rods and cylinder maximizes wear life

    • Quick knockdown design and throat seal cartridges provide fast and easy maintenance

    • Choose to use mix manifold remotely to reduce solvent and material waste


    This spray system has various options available such as high pressure fluid heaters, heated hose bundle

    assemblies, remote mixing manifold, feed pumps to feed direct from the material manufacturers drums so it   

    can be tailored to suit your requirements.



Graco ProMix 2KE Plural Component Spray System

   Graco Promix 2KE Entry Level Plural Component Spray System

    Simple and Flexible Proportioning

    Available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies, ProMix® 2KE makes plural component

    finishing EASY.

    Designed for single color, two component, in-booth applications.


    Mix Two-Component Paints Easily and Consistently


    Make Servicing a Snap

    Get complete access to all items that may need periodic service.

    • Easy to service cartridge style fluid valves

    • Open access to all fluid components

    • Externally mounted air filters

    • Ability to program maintenance reminders


    Eliminate Expensive Rework And Stay on ratio within predefined tolerance limits, down to ±1% with the meter

    version and ±2% with the pump version. 


    Save Time and Money

    • Reduces waste

    • Improves manufacturing processes

    • Shortens drying times

    • Reduces VOC’s


    Key Features

    • Compact

    • Flexible and easy installation

    • Low flush volumes

    Key Materials

    • Solventborne epoxies and polyurethanes

    • Waterborne epoxies and polyurethanes

    • Acid catalyzed materials

    Key Industries

    • General metal

    • Wood andfurniture

    • Farm and construction

    • Truck and bus

    • Aerospace

    • Electronics


    Power Options

    Instrinsically safe pneumatic meter or pump for hazardous areas

    AC electric for non-hazardous areas


    Mix Ratio Up to 30:1